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What's new for TTFM?

Improved accessibility for parent surveys

The parent survey is now offered in 22 new languages and can be completed in a smartphone-enabled format. This is intended to enhance the accessibility of the survey and increase participation, providing schools with a richer source of feedback from their parents


Shortened student survey available

The student survey has been adapted and will be offered as an optional alternative in a shortened form. This new, abridged version will capture key measures of students’ engagement and wellbeing, and the drivers of these outcomes, that are relevant for monitoring across the school year. Schools will have the option to select the abridged form of the student survey or to undertake the complete suite of questions.


New measures added to the existing suite of wellbeing indicators

That every student is known, valued and cared for remains a priority for our schools and is a key priority of the department’s strategic plan 2018-2022. To support schools in monitoring the wellbeing of their students, Tell Them From Me now includes measures focused on students’ perceptions of academic and emotional support from teachers, their sense of belonging at school, experiences of being bullied, perseverance and academic buoyancy.